• Danielle Popovitz Salber

What does Krav Maga Teach you?

Hello I am Elliot and last year i started krav maga. I’ve only been doing krav maga for a year and i have a lot of great things to say about it. It taught me that fighting is only to defend yourself and not to hurt someone because they annoyed me or they called me names and if i am mad at someone just walk away from them and not to hurt them. I will get out my anger on a punching bag. It has boosted my confidence and taught me so many things that I'm going to need later on and i am only 8 but it taught me that at any age it is never too early to learn how to defend yourself. Last year you can see in the picture that i volentiered in the krav maga carnival and I know now that helping people can also help yourself from when your mad from someone or disappointed by someone the best way to get rid of that hatred is to volentiere or do yoga to cool yourself down.

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