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Super Hero David

This happened yesterday.

David was sitting on a bench in the schoolyard , reading his book and one of the verbally aggressive bullies who bother him alot came and sat down and started messing with him , trying to get a rise out of him of course.

But get this! instead of getting angry, taking it personally or being triggered and reactive .. he simply closed his book, stood up and walked away, at which point this monster child said "thank u for leaving, you beeep beep beeeeeeeep" (use your imagination)

when david got to his classroom down the hall, he started going in but then stuck his head back out, looked the kid in the eye and sang .. ( loud and clear for all to hear) " What can i say except your welcome !" smiled real wide and walked into the classroom

( song from moana: )

since he started boxing with Danielle Popovitz Salber and therapy with cynthia levitas, i can see that he now stands straighter , has a newfound confidence that wasnt there before and with that, a sense of self control when it comes to the way he responds to these kids who bother him there in school.

he shows them i dont care what you say and u dont have the control to make me feel any less about myself and i know im awesome, dont care id u think im not.

he told a kid who called him fat last week, "u dont like my body thats fine. i love me and thats what matters."

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