Meet the Team

Coming together is the first step.


Danielle Salber MSW, PT,
Boxing Therapist

Founder and Director of Boxing Therapy

Hi! I'm Danielle Salber, super proud founder of Boxing Therapy.  I wear two very different hats- One of a family and individual therapist, and the other of an expert personal trainer and Krav Maga/boxing instructor. And guess what?
I am so equally passionate and devoted to both fields! Boxing Therapy for individuals and groups offers the perfect blend of fitness and therapy, with a boxing and empowerment twist. Boxing Therapy is the natural development from my almost 2 decades in the trenches of therapeutic work with at risk teens, addictions, trauma, both acute and chronic, and simultaneously training and certifying as a personal trainer and Krav Maga (Israel Self Defense System) and boxing instructor.
There are three main goals of all of my Boxing Therapy services and programs:

  1. To uncover your resiliency and highlight your strengths 

  2. Unleash your inner power, confidence and personal voice

  3. Empower your entire self to be whole heartedly you and achieve all of your goals! 

I can not wait for us to speak together to find the best option for you.


Sharir Richman

Founder of ICCS Krav Maga Worldwide 

Sharir is an expert Israeli Krav Maga instructor certified by the Israeli Army and The Israeli Wingate institute.
He has a life time of experience in Martial arts and has developed a Krav Maga system that is being employed worldwide. Sharir lives and breathes Krav Maga daily. He teaches in the Israeli army special forces, Israeli police units, private security companies, and civilian, military and corporate personnel across the globe. Sharir is the genius behind all Boxing Therapy fighting systems.


Raizel Direnfeld-O'Brien

Director of Education, Outreach, and Community Engagement 

Raizel began her work in the mental health field as a suicide and crisis hotline operator and transitioned into the mental health education field over six years ago teaching social and emotional health to middle, high school, and college students. She is very passionate about empowering people through education! Having been an avid kick boxer herself for about four years; Raizel aims to create a vibrant community to all those who can benefit from easy to understand and applicable mental health care strategies within the Boxing Therapy model.

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