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Boxing Therapy Overview

Therapy + Boxing Combined

"When talking about it just isn't enough and punching it out finally leads the way for major breakthroughs,

that’s it, that's Boxing Therapy."


Boxing Therapy

Is it Boxing or is it therapy?  It is both!!

Boxing Therapy benefits equally from the control, discipline and empowerment from boxing and the processing, healing and growing of therapy.
Boxing therapy allows for physical, mental and emotional shifts to occur right in the therapy room.  Actual practicing new behaviors of success and strength from one's own abilities becomes the outshoot of personal insight and emotional release. This therapy is unique and comprehensive; refreshing and respectful of each person having exactly what they need to succeed in their life!
Utilizing Boxing and Krav Maga (Israeli self defense) for comprehensive processing, healing and development.
Each session has elements of emotional and physical health including individually catered boxing workouts and deep therapeutic discussion and processing.

Who is it for?​
Specifically designed for teenagers- and the teenager in all of us adults.
Teens get a space to process and express normative and at risk level teen angst.
Helps people who have been through either a sudden trauma or who have endured trauma over time by giving back a sense of control.

Boxing Therapy Goals

  1. Emotional healing through the mind and body processing, expressing and actually creating new and healthier patterns.

  2. Uncovering and developing individual strengths.

  3. Internalizing growth mentality and positive thinking throughout challenges.